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  • West Coast 123s

    West Coast 123s

    Hooray! Time for a new and colourful 123 adventure with bestselling children's author and illustrator Jocey Asnong, along the remarkable west coast of Canada. Jocey Asnong’s vibrant and whimsical ...

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      Fixed-layout ebooks retain the layout and typography of the original document. Therefore, they are very suitable for comic books and recipe books, for example, and can sometimes include enhanced or interactive content. Note that ebooks in the fixed layout EPUB format are fully supported by Cantook Station Web Reader and Adobe Digital Editions. However, they are incompatible with e-readers and reading applications, and do not adapt to screen size, making them difficult to read on devices with smaller screens.
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  • The Burning Black: Legend of Black Shuck

    The Burning Black: Legend of Black Shuck

    Deep in rural Suffolk, England, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, terror strikes at the hearts of pious Christians on a hot August night, when they are attacked by a beast known only as Black ...

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