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  • The Evolving Feminine Ballet Body

    The Evolving Feminine Ballet Body

    Dance has become increasingly visible within contemporary culture: just think of reality TV shows featuring this art form. This shift brings the ballet body into renewed focus. Historically both ce...

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  • Shadow Hymns: Photography by Austin Andrews

    Shadow Hymns: Photography by Austin Andrews

    Shadow Hymns is an exploration of photojournalism and foreign correspondence by filmmaker Austin Andrews. Photo spreads in the book include Desert Sundials: Angles on the sand seas of Namibia; Pyra...

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  • Eyepiece


    In Eyepiece, brilliant cinematographer and filmmaker Vic Sarin lays out the landscape of his life. The book starts with his formative years in India and carries on with stories about early days at ...

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  • Searching for Mary Schäffer

    Searching for Mary Schäffer

    Mary Schäffer was a photographer, writer, botanical painter, and mapmaker from Philadelphia, well known for her travels in the Canadian Rockies and Jasper at the turn of the twentieth century. In S...

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