Collaborative Creativity

Educating for Creative Development, Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Collaborative Creativity

Collaborative creativity in education: from theory to practice
As the world undergoes massive change, education systems need to prepare students to work collaboratively for innovative solutions that benefit everyone. This preparation means fostering a culture of collaborative creativity from early childhood to postsecondary education.
Robert Kelly shows exactly what collaborative creativity in educational practice looks like. He clarifies the conceptual architecture of collaborative creativity, and then delves into how this new educational ecosystem can take root. He invites us into his own program in teacher education, where graduate students come to grips with, and talk about, a project whose success depends on collaborative creativity.
Between chapters, Kelly presents conversations with experts in collaborative creativity and related fields from around the world.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Collaborative Creativity 1
Acknowledgements 6
INTRODUCTION Collaboration + Creativity A Match Made in Heaven, Desperately Needed on Earth 7
CHAPTER 1 The Concepts of Creativity, Collaboration, and Collaborative Creativity 13
COLLABORATING TO CREATE 1 Ian Prinsloo on Leveraging Diversity and Brave Spaces 23
COLLABORATING TO CREATE 2 Don McIntyre on the Gifting Economy, an Indigenous Perspective on Collaboration 27
CHAPTER 2 The Transformative Dynamics of a New Educational Ecosystem 33
COLLABORATING TO CREATE 3 Karim Benammar on Paradigm Shifts and the Need for Reframing 53
COLLABORATING TO CREATE 4 Andrea Saveri on Shifting from Pedagogy to Sociogogy 58
CHAPTER 3 A Framework for Collaborative Creativity in Educational Practice 61
COLLABORATING TO CREATE 5 Peter Gloor on Collaborative Innovation Networks and the Honest Signals of Collaboration 80
CHAPTER 4 Considerations for Establishing a Culture of Collaborative Creativity 85
COLLABORATING TO CREATE 6 Christer Windelov Lidzelius on 1 + 1 = 11 Building Collaborative Culture 97
COLLABORATING TO CREATE 7 Jonatan Spejlborg on 84 Days of Collaboration on the East Coast of Iceland 102
CHAPTER 5 Giant Lobsters, Whales, and Elephants A Case Study in Developing an Educational Culture of Collaborative Creativity 108
COLLABORATING TO CREATE 8 Prakash Nair on the Architectural Space of Collaborative Creativity 143
COLLABORATING TO CREATE 9 Fred Leichter on the Collaborative Hive 148
AFTERWORD Long Live the Pioneers, Rebels, and Mutineers 153
Key Terms for Creative Development and Collaborative Creativity in Educational Practice 156
References 164
Index 168
About the Author 172