Medicinal Garden Plants for Canada

Traditionally, plants were used to treat and cure whatever ails, from cuts and burns to colds and flu, from stress and insomnia to arthritis and hemorrhoids. Now you can harness nature’s healing power in your garden.
In this book, bestselling garden writers Alison Beck and A.H. Jackson feature some of the most common and easy-to-grow plants that have medicinal qualities. Each of the 87 accounts includes:
• tips on where and how to include it in your garden
• historic and modern medicinal uses
• height, spread and hardiness
• prominent features such as habit, flower colour and bloom time
• planting information, including sun and soil requirements
• recommended species and varieties
• problems and pests
• colour photos.
With information on everything from preparing the garden to plant selection, and from caring for plants to propagating them, and including general information on harvesting, drying and preparing plants, this book will pique your curiosity about the potential of plants to heal and encourage you to try growing them.