Haunted Ontario Lakes

It is strange that such haunting tales and eerie ghost stories come from the beautiful cottage country of Ontario’s Lakeland. But researcher-authors Da Silva and Hind have uncovered a trove of well-documented revelations about the shadowy side of our local history that can be seen and felt even in the present day: 
• The doomed ship Atlantic (aka the Manitoulin) burned not
once, but twice, and the ghosts of her drowned crew can still be
seen struggling through the water to reach the safety of shore at
the south end of Georgian Bay
• The curator of the West Parry Sound District Museum got
night-time visits from the museum’s resident ghost children;
they were frightened by mannequins in an exhibit of military
• Boaters and fishermen on Lake Temiskaming tell tales of
a massive, snake-like creature, known locally as Old Tess,
swimming through the lake’s dark waters
• Lights turn on and off, and footsteps echo in empty hallways
as Harry Corbett, former caretaker of the Pine Grove Inn,
continues to make his rounds long after his death
• The tragic deaths of a First Nations maiden and her lover
have forever marked the area near Collingwood Caves; their
entwined souls still haunt this popular tourist destination
• Visitors to the Griffin Pub in Bracebridge are often greeted by
a beautiful woman in a red dress; who she was in life remains
a mystery, but she is a regular at the establishment even in death.