How have our interactions with animals shaped Calgary?

What can we do to ensure that humans and animals in the city continue to co-exist, and even flourish together?

This wide-ranging book explores the ways that animals inhabit our city, our lives and our imaginations.

Essays from animal historians, wildlife specialists, artists and writers address key issues such as human-wildlife interactions, livestock in the city, and animal performers at the Calgary Stampede.

Contributions from some of Calgary’s iconic arts institutions, including One Yellow Rabbit Performance Theatre, Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, and the Glenbow Museum, demonstrate how animals continue to be a source of inspiration and exploration for fashion, art, dance, and theatre.

The full-colour volume is beautifully illustrated throughout with archival images, wildlife photography, documentary and production stills, and original artwork.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Cover 1
Half Title Page 2
Series Page 3
Full Title Page 4
Copyright Page 5
Table of Contents 7
Acknowledgements 10
Introduction 12
How Canadians Used to Live with Livestock in Cities 17
Outlaw Horses & the True Spirit of Calgary in the Automobile Age 27
Silence of the Song Dogs 39
Counting Chickadees & Reimagining the Map of Calgary 49
Critical Animal Studies & the Humanities 59
Wild Animals in the City 73
Light Pollution in an Animal City 79
Our Biodiversity 83
Squirrel vs Gopher 91
Becoming insects: A New Universe 93
Kaleidoscopic Animalia 100
Lisa Brawn Interview & Portfolio: Calgary institute for the Humanities 111
Her Dark Materials: Yvonne Mullock’s Dark Horse at Stride Gallery 121
conclusion 131
notes 134
contributors 140
Back Cover 144