Engaging in Action Research


Engaging in Action Research

You don’t need a tweed jacket to be a researcher--in thousands of schools across North America, practising teachers conduct studies on best practices, alternative approaches, and effective learning strategies. Classroom teachers have experiences and opportunities unavailable to researchers in a university setting, and action research--site-based, teacher-conducted research--can have a valuable impact on the educational community.

Yet many teachers don’t see their work as real research, and many other teachers have great ideas for research projects but don’t know where to begin. For these teachers, Engaging in Action Research demystifies the world of educational research and provides support, guidance, and encouragement. From creating a research plan to reporting findings, this book provides step-by-step instructions to help teachers conduct research projects in the classroom, using strategies that work. Get ready to investigate, analyze, and share!

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Cover 1
Contents 6
1 You as researcher 8
2 Introducing action research 14
3 Starting a research plan 30
4 Completing a literature review 40
5 Designing your research method 60
6 From plan to action 76
7 Managing your research project 80
8 Collecting your data 92
9 Analyzing your data 120
10 Reporting your findings 134
11 Pacing yourself 146
References 154