A Youth Wasted Climbing

David Chaundy-Smart took it as a compliment when his high school vice-principal told him he was wasting his youth by climbing. Here, he tells the story of how he and his brother, Reg, spent the last years of the 1970s fighting suburban boredom to become, in the words of renowned climbing historian Chic Scott, “one of the leading figures in Ontario rock climbing throughout the 1980s.”

With its vivid accounts of short and nasty climbs, dubious mentors, hapless climbing partners, teenage crushes, bad cars, underage drinking and questionable climbing techniques, this is a memoir of coming of age in a simpler era of climbing, told with compassion, humour and insight.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
A Youth Wasted Climbing 1
Contents 9
Foreword: A Foolish and Dangerous Pastime 11
Acknowledgements 17
Chapter 1: The Farm on the Hill 19
Chapter 2: Suburban Rockcraft 39
Chapter 3: Middle-Earth 79
Chapter 4: To Chapel Pond 105
Chapter 5: Little Spiders 121
Chapter 6: The Thieves’ Den 137
Chapter 7: Sophocles 149
Chapter 8: The Curse 165
Chapter 9: Jokers 181
Chapter 10: Avenue des Pins 199
Chapter 11: Eastern Bums and Creeps 231
Chapter 12: Tell Him I Haven’t Changed 251
A Climbing Glossary 257
Selected Books 261