Transboundary Policy Challenges in the Pacific Border Regions of North America


Transboundary Policy Challenges in the Pacific Border Regions of North America

Transboundary Policy Challenges in the Pacific Border Regions of North America responds to a growing interest in borderlands environmental policy by highlighting significant transboundary research and practices being undertaken within and across the Pacific border regions of North America. The issues explored here reveal how intricate and interrelated social, economic, and environmental concerns have become, particularly along borders, as Canada, Mexico, and the United States collectively search for sustainable solutions.

Growing concern about the seriousness of environmental problems, particularly in high-growth border areas, coupled with the rising awareness of the complexities entailed in wise development decisions, has spurred recognition that new realities require new responses. Critical for effective environmental protection, restoration, and education is a sharing of understanding and effort across borders. Transboundary Policy Challenges in the Pacific Border Regions of North America highlights advances in transborder environmental research and discusses sensible policy directions with particular focus on critical areas of international concern and engagement: land and water use planning; regional growth management; trade and transportation corridors; environmental education; and travel and tourism.

With Contributions By:
J.C. Day
Donald K. Alper
K.S. Calbick
Jose Luis Castru-Ruiz
Alejandro Diaz-Bautista
David A. Fraser
Salvador Garcia-Martinez
Warren G. Gill
Duncan Knowler
James Louckey
Krista Martinez
Martin Medina
Jean O. Melious
Cristobal Mendoza
John C. Miles
John M. Munroe
Emma Spencer Norman
Hugh O'Reilly
Vicente Sanchez-Munguia
Preston L. Schiller
Tina Symko
Peter Williams

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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1. Policy Challenges in North America’s Pacific Border Regions: An Overview 10
2. Pacific Borders, Discordant Borders: Where North America Edges Together 20
3. Recent Trends in Mexico-U.S. Border Demographics 48
4. Energy Policy and Economic Growth in the Pacific Border Regions of North America 72
5. Connections within the Western U.S.–Canada Border Region: Toward More Sustainable Transportation Practices 102
6. Transboundary Ecosystem Management on the Canada-U.S. Border: Organizing For Sustainability in the Georgia Basin-Puget Sound Bioregion 130
7. Binational Governance of Marine Waters: The Georgia Basin-PugetSound Example 150
8. Water Management in the San Diego–Tijuana Region: What Lessons Can Be Learned? 180
9. Hidden Waters: The Role of Local Communities in Transboundary Environmental Management Across the Forty-Ninth Parallel 204
10. Community-Based Management of Gray Whale Ecotourism in Baja California Sur, Mexico 228
11. Transnational Policy Issues in the Alaska Cruise Industry 246
12. Reaching Across Borders: Sustainability Initiatives within and Beyond the Resort Community of Whistler 276
13. Environmental Education on the U.S.–Mexico Border: Challenges and Opportunities in Tijuana/San Diego 298
14. Environmental Education in Cascadia 316
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