Historical GIS Research in Canada


Historical GIS Research in Canada

Fundamentally concerned with place, and our ability to understand human relationships with environment over time, Historical Geographic Information Systems (HGIS) as a tool and a subject has direct bearing for the study of contemporary environmental issues and realities. To date, HGIS projects in Canada are few and publications that discuss these projects directly even fewer. This book brings together case studies of HGIS projects in historical geography, social and cultural history, and environmental history from Canada's diverse regions. Projects include religion and ethnicity, migration, indigenous land practices, rebuilding a nineteenth-century neighborhood, and working with Google Earth.

With contributions by:
Colleen Beard
Stephen Bocking
Jennifer Bonnell
Jim Clifford
Joanna Dean
François Dufaux
Patrick A. Dunae
Marcel Fortin
Jason Gilliland
William M. Glen
Megan Harvey
Matthew G. Hatvany
Sally Hermansen
Andrew Hinson
Don Lafreniere
John S. Lutz
Joshua D. MacFadyen
Daniel Macfarlane
Jennifer Marvin
Cameron Metcalf
Byron Moldofsky
Sherry Olson
Jon Pasher
Daniel Rueck
R. W. Sandwell
Henry Yu
Barbara Znamirowski

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Introduction 10
1: Turning Space Inside Out:Spatial History and Race inVictorian Victoria 22
2: Mapping the Welland Canalsand the St. Lawrence Seawaywith Google Earth 48
3: Reinventing the Map Library:The Don Valley HistoricalMapping Project 64
4: The Best Seat in the House:Using Historical GIS to ExploreReligion and Ethnicity inLate-Nineteenth-Century Toronto 82
5: Stories of People, Land, and Water:Using Spatial Technologies toExplore Regional EnvironmentalHistory 104
6: Mapping Ottawa’s Urban Forest,1928–2005 132
7: “I do not know the boundariesof this land, but I know the landwhich I worked”: Historical GISand Mohawk Land Practices 150
8: Rebuilding a Neighbourhoodof Montreal 174
9: Growth and Erosion: A Reflectionon Salt Marsh Evolution in theSt. Lawrence Estuary Using HGIS 202
10: Top-down History:Delimiting Forests, Farms,and the Census of Agricultureon Prince Edward Island UsingAerial Photography, ca. 1900–2000 218
11: The Irony of Discrimination: Mapping Historical MigrationUsing Chinese Head Tax Data 246
12: Mapping Fuel Use in Canada:Exploring the Social Historyof Canadians’ Great FuelTransformation 260
13: Exploring Historical GeographyUsing Census Microdata:The Canadian Century ResearchInfrastructure (CCRI) Project 292
Appendix A:Historical GIS Studies in Canada 308
Select Bibliography 312
Notes on Contributors 336
Index 338
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