Darkness of the God

To the world the international cult leader Caldos Moriera is a saint and a healer.

His healing touch has made him famous and allows him to charge whatever price he desires for his service. But the money and gratitude lavished upon him aren't enough.

Caldos wants ultimate power, and vows that no one will stand in his way to attain it... especially Ana, a strangely psychic child, who, together with her uncle, know the unvarnished truth hidden in the darkness of Caldos’ heart.

For all intents and purposes, especially when he is in front of the television cameras, Caldos Moriera is all goodness and light, a man in white who can heal the people of the world. His followers’ hearts and pocket books are open to his causes, and his influence over worldly matters grows daily.

But once Caldos discovers that Ana and her uncle know he is the vile and corrupt man who killed Ana’s parents, he has no choice but to hunt them down and eliminate them.

In fear for their lives, Ana and her uncle flee to the safety of the Sonoran Desert where they meet a Gypsy girl, Keja, and discover that their combined psychic abilities could equal to the ultimate power Caldos seeks.

Managing to stay one step ahead of Caldos' hired trackers, the trio eludes capture until one fateful day when Caldos, in a fit of rage, takes over the search himself.